Let me tell you our story…

My mother started her business with amber many years ago and I was a teenager that never wanted to join her. But then I traveled a world and I have returned to my beloved family because I have missed them so much. That is how we started to work, Mother and daughter together.

We have been selling amber for adults, kids, and distributors until one day we saw amber collar for dogs and cats. We could not believe it at first, but we decided to try. We made our own collars and put them on our four dogs and they looked amazing. I do not want to lie but we found some ticks in the fur but it was much fewer than without them. So since then, we fell in love with this product.

We do not want to be insistent and we will not fight for customers, but we do love every one of them. Those who already bought the collar from us know that they will get the best service based on humanity and understanding also the best quality as we make them as much beautiful and strong as it is possible.

We hope we will find more and more fellowship who believes in natural products.
We wish everyone to stay as close as they can to your family and love what you do.
With Love

Your Amber Neck Familly!