These days you can find a lot of information about the amber stone. Where it comes from, why should you use it, how to use, how to check if it is real, and so on. But I would like to introduce my feelings when I wear amber my jewelry. People rarely write on it, don’t they?

First amber jewelry that I had was when I was a child, I did not know why my mother gave it to me and why I should wear it, but I remember it looked nice and other girls were always asking what is it. It is funny to remember it. When I was a teenager I remember myself-doing amber jewelry to get some pocket money and to help my family with the business. So all my childhood was closely connected to it, but I never highlighted amber as some special stone, it was just my mother’s business for me, nothing else. Now when I finally realized the meaning of it, I wear my amber jewelry every day.

I started with the bracelet, simple polished amber bracelet. Then I started to notice that I want more natural kind of amber, and I started to use the raw amber bracelet, which actually was weird to wear, very unusual. After a week I could not feel the rough of amber anymore.

If to speak about changes, no magic thing happened, you should not expect for success or finding your love, but the psychological feeling inside had changed for sure. Somehow, I feel more relaxed and calm. When I get some little stress, it easy goes away. I do not know if it is amber, but for me it really worked. While wearing amber you feel like you have something from nature on your hand all the time, and in the crazy city rush it might help a lot. It is easy to calm down when you analyze your amber beads one by one. No, really, I hope I do not sound like a crazy woman, but those amber beads have something inside, they all are different, if you would think, how many years this amber bead took to formatted, wow.. it is like am wearing a history book on my hand, haha.

All in all, things like your inner feelings or your physical state can not be analyzed by scientist, and no scientist or doctor will give you amber from depression let’s say, but I know that it helps to me a lot. I can not prove it to others and I do not want to do it. Every person chooses their lifestyle, their habits, their jewelry and their stones. I know, I choose amber…


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