Amber collar for dogs and cats, natural protection against ticks and fleas (decorated)

Purple color glass beads.

Natural amber collar for dogs and cats.

Genuine leather buckle.

Made in Lithuania.

Collar for small and large breed dogs (various sizes).


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The main purpose of amber collars is protection against unwanted fleas and ticks. Amber can help to ensure your puppy’s well-being.

How does an amber collar work?

Rubbing amber into a pet’s fur creates an almost imperceptible electric current that repels unwanted insects. Another important component of amber is its aromatic substances. Pet itself will not feel irritant, it will repel parasites almost 100 percent.


Cardboard two-part box 9x7x2 cm (product wrapped in tissue paper)


20-25 CM, 25-30 CM, 30-35 CM, 35-40 CM, 40-45 CM, 45-50 CM, 50-55 CM, 55-60 CM, 60-65 CM, 65-70 CM

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