Amber neck family

Little Story

We are Amber Neck Family – a mother and daughter team that has been working with amber for 15
years. We always say that amber has chosen us, so we bead, construct, and release every piece of
amber into their new homes with great love and responsibility.

Quality and precision are the core values ​​of our production and sales process. When creating and
producing various jewelry, we take into account every detail, plan the design of the necklace and
choose the most beautiful amber stones.

We also adhere to our values ​​when working with clients and partners. Our biggest advantage in the
market is the great attention we show to each customer. We communicate a lot and quickly with
each buyer and in case of any problems we replace the product for free. We also never forget our
valued business partners, to whom we sell carefully selected, high-quality raw amber for production

Over the years, we have learned a lot, grew our business and amber has become part of our family.
Every product that goes to our customers invites them to join our growing family circle. Come and
join our amber family!
With love,
Amber Neck Family