Frequent Questions About Amber

Question What Is Baltic Amber and Where Does it Come From?
AnswerAccording to National Encyclopedia, Amber is considered as a gem, which is a wholly-organic material derived from the resin of extinct species of trees. In the dense forests of the Middle Cretaceous and Tertiary periods, between 10 and 100 million years ago, these resin-bearing trees fell and were carried by rivers to coastal regions. There, the trees and their resins became covered with sediment, and over millions of years, the resin hardened into amber. Although deposits of amber occur throughout the world, amber from the coast of the Baltic Sea is the best-known. It is called succinite amber because it contains a substantial amount of succinic acid. Most Baltic amber came from pine tree resin. For thousands of years, Amber has been carved and worked into beads, jewelry, and other types of ornamentation.
Question What Are The Natural Colors Of Amber?
AnswerBaltic Amber beads come in various colors, there are hundreds of shades. Most common color for amber is orange to yellow. But also amber can be black, blue, and white, though these colors are very rare and valuable.  
Question How to Know if it is a Real Amber?
AnswerTo test your necklace, mix together a solution of 1 part salt to 2 parts water. (For example, you could use 1/3 cup salt to 2/3 cup water.) Dissolve the salt completely and drop your necklace into the mixture. Plastic and glass will sink, true Baltic amber and some types of copal will float.
Question Why Would You Use Amber?
AnswerThe most attractive quality of amber is that it possesses very old energy. With this old energy comes the acquired wisdom of the earth! It’s a warm, cheerful, wise, protective, and healing stone. It will discharge all negative moods, and it will deflect negative energies that other people may direct at you. Amber is the stone that you must have if you want to relieve your stress and anxiety. It will dissolve all traces of physical and mental exhaustion, and it will help you eliminate your fears and worries. Amber is also a very helpful stone if you’re suffering from depression. It will stabilize your emotions, and it will constantly remind you why your life is the most precious thing! Amber has a lot of great qualities that will help in healing your physical and emotional body.
Question Polished Or Raw: Which Amber Beads Are Better?
AnswerPolished see-through beads are far more common in baby necklaces and anklets. If your primary concern is to help a teething baby or protect your pet from ticks and fleas then look no further and choose raw amber beads. Raw amber has more natural succinic oils and is more efficient.

Frequent Questions About Amber Collar for Pets

Question How To Choose The Right Size?
AnswerFirst of all, let‘s measure pet‘s neck, but don‘t forget to leave some gap (approximately two fingers) between the collar and pet‘s fur. Then choose the right size in the size box, all collars can be adjustable for five centimeters less or more. Check our tutorial video for more information.
Question How Does Amber Work For Pets?
AnswerA Baltic Amber collar is the natural alternative to chemicals, these adorable collars also give your dog or cat a classy look. The protective mechanism is twofold: 1) Amber contains an aromatic substance called terpenes. This produces a resinous aroma which derives from the friction between amber and fur. The release of resinous aromatic terpenes is what repels ticks, lice, and fleas 2) Amber has an electrical resistance. Friction with the animal’s fur produces an electrostatic effect. Your pet doesn’t feel it, but the ticks do. The electric shock works as an effective repellent against them.
Question What to Do if We Broke the Collar?
AnswerOur collars are made with knots so that amber beads would not scatter, so your pet will not be able to swallow it. Please send us back the collar, and we will change it to brand new! Or you can order a new collar of a different style.

Frequent Questions About Amber for Kids

Question Polished Or Raw: Which Amber Beads Are Better?
AnswerOnly raw amber beads retain its maximum healing properties as it contains more succinic oils. Generally, the rule applies that the less processing the amber stone goes through, the more therapeutic potential it retains. Polished see-through beads are far more common in baby necklaces and pet collars if your primary concern is to help a teething baby or protect your pet from fleas and ticks then look no further and choose raw amber beads. Raw amber has more natural succinic oils and is more efficient.
Question Necklace, Bracelet Or Anklet: What Is Best For Your Baby?
AnswerIn terms of therapeutic effect, there is no fundamental difference between a bracelet and an anklet. However, anklets are considered to be safer to wear, especially for babies from 2 to 8 months. As all children are prone to put things in their mouth, we recommend wearing anklets because you can put it in the sock and it’s harder for your baby to reach it.

Each set of amber beads has a natural power of its own. Therefore, caring families often get a combination to better safeguard the harmony of their loved ones. Amber enthusiasts have shared stories that the amber effect increases if a baby wears a set of two bracelets/anklets or a set of a necklace and one or two bracelets/anklets. The more interaction points Baltic amber has with the baby’s skin, the stronger the expected effect.

Question Can we Use Bath with Amber?
AnswerPlease remove the beads before swimming or bathing. While the string will cope with getting wet, the chlorine and other chemicals used in swimming and spa pools, as well as the detergents in bath soaps and shampoos will have a detrimental effect on the cotton threading. If the necklace, anklet or bracelet does get wet, it is essential that it should be removed and thoroughly dried before it is worn again.